Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Heart of Capitalism

The Heart of Capitalism by Robert G Parent

The heart of Capitalism is within the true community.
Everyone gives to the community so the community can
give back. We share our gifts which strengthens community.
When the state does for us, our gifts die within us
because its not done by choice from our hearts.

Everything has its place.
We collect old ideas pile them on each other.  
This clutters our lives and leaves no space for new possibilities
because we use our energy holding onto these old ideas,
until we run out of energy and we start to die.
We need change and to make things new.

Love yourself as who you are.  
Feel the flow of creation, of the source through your being.  
Detox the old ideas.  Pray for new creations.  Make your life like a vision quest and become your truth, your new story.

We all need wonder to get us through the ordinary part of our days.
Become the Dream of your mind and heart.

When we think of the decisions in the past and as to why we made them is when we realize knowledge in action -- Wisdom.

I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force, between the mind and emotion, learning the art of creation in this Physical Realm, more freedom of the community's people is the heart of capitalism and the growth of our human kind to truly become who we decide in the art of Creation.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

3 Reasons to have a Tiny House

3 Reasons to have a Tiny House
by Robert G Parent

Tiny Houses have made there way into our lives through cable television, YouTube, a family member, or a friend.  There is just something cool about a tiny house. They're neat and cheaper then a regular house, can be built on only a small plot of land from a family, friend, mobile home park, or as a traveling home in an RV park.  A tiny house can be made totally off the grid because they're cheaper to maintain.  The idea of a tiny house gives us a spiritual feeling because they have a simple elegance in their design and people see them as something different, something new in a modern technological, economic time.  There are three reasons why I think people choose to live in a tiny houses.

Tiny house living is less stressful.  All you need to have in your space is just what you love, and if your surrounded by what you love, you feel love in what you do and how you live life.  A tiny house is also easier to keep clean because all you have is what you love, making it possible to have all your stuff to have their own place in your space.  A tiny house is constantly in motion and depends on what you're doing at any given time and because there is a system for everything, to wash your clothes and dishes, to store and organize the stuff you love, you'll have a place to sleep and entertain or do your hobby.

The second reason people have a tiny house is their a good started home because they're more inexpensive and bigger then an Recreational Vehicle.  A tiny house can be built by their owners. Also, tiny house living gives you an ability to focus on the different parts of your life, like getting started in your career, saving money to start a family or going to college.  Tiny house living will help someone spend time with family, studying, or doing fun stuff like a hobby, music, writing, photography, art, coding, etc...  Tiny house living even helps save you money shopping, so you can save for retirement, for family time, for entertainment, or for paying off your debts.

The third reason people have a tiny house is they think it's spiritual because in a tiny house you have less stuff and your able to mediate, do yoga, or spend your time figuring out unseen places and subjects.  A tiny house gives you less distractions so you can spend your time looking at the big picture or focusing on one aspect of a problem in your life or in your work.  Because you have less stuff, more time and more money, tiny house living brings you the ability to travel to nature spots like the mountains, the beach, or go out and be more involved in your community.

Tiny house living gives you a less stressful life because you only care for what you truly love. Tiny house living gives you an opportunity to own your first house, which gives you more time to focus on what you truly want to do in your life.  Tiny house living gives you a chance to find out who you are and what your connection is to your community, your world, and your universe.  I can see how people feel that tiny house living is spiritual because it is an opportunity to do what people want to do with there life.  I also see that tiny house living techniques can be used for living in a tiny apartment and living a minimalist lifestyle by only bringing into your life what you truly love and truly want to do.  I believe that life gives us opportunities to learn something new about ourselves, our world, and our universe.  Is tiny house living good for you? Only you can know, but I say be open to what life brings to you because it is based on the decisions you've made in the past, even if you've forgotten them. So look at your situation in a new light and learn.  In learning, you grow in knowledge about yourself and your life.  Be open and try something new.  You know you want to.

Still Here

Long time since I posted.
Lots has happened in a year.
I shall try again posting once a week.
The adventure does continue.
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Robert G Parent

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rey is the chosen one

Rey is the chosen one.

One doesn't need to be a Jedi or Sith. One can only just be a force user. The first thing Rey saw in her vision was Luke's mechanical hand. What ever happened to that hand. A Jedi's lightsaber is tuned to a particular Jedi because of how its constructed. Clone technology is still known in episode 7. Palpatine knew how to create life, is what he told Anakin in episode 3. Rey was grown in the force from Luke's severed hand. Also, the force is not seen, only experienced. Rey is the prophecy. Remember that episode in the clone wars series. Just some thoughts to meditate on. The force is used for knowledge and events.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Musical Update

Hey all, I've been a bit busy making order out of my life.  I've kept writing and doing projects. My latest project is my podcast rebut on Soundcloud. I'm the #JediPoet there. This is my latest all music  podcast:

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I do still do plan to post articles and poems about my travels here on Earth.

Thank You for staying tuned to this blog.

May the Source be with You
Robert G Parent

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hotel California

Here is another piece of writing from my English class.

Hotel California
by Robert Parent

Humans lost something when we moved from the country to the city.  And while, it has its merits, city life is nothing without country life. I remember the adventures in the woods behind my house in Auburn, New Hampshire.  I'd get up eat my breakfast of eggs, cereal, pancakes, or just something homemade.  After I put on my adventure clothes, grab my sonic screwdriver, and my magic compass, I would go out to my woods behind and start my daily adventure.  In the school where I studied had a big playground and monkey bars that us children, both boys and girls, would pretend that it was a spaceship or a boat that would take us on an adventure, at least until the bell rang.  In the field behind the school, there was plenty of room for myself and a couple of friends to play adventure games of our own creation, sometimes these adventures were based on what was on TV, like the Six Million Dollar Man or the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries.

Living in the city for years, I look around to the environment that children play have to play in. I don't see the woodlands where children could discover how truly powerful their imaginations are.  I don't see the playgrounds where children could play with each other; I only see parking lots with maybe a basketball hoop because its the cheapest play object that the city can place in a parking lot. No wonder why there is so many gangs in the city.  Children have to explore and figure out their environment.  In the country, nature gives children life to explore. The city shows children how to conquer and control.

As children grow to adulthood, they accumulate the loss from the city experience.  Someone could get in an elevator and go up to the top floor to see a panoramic view, think its good, and continue their day.  In the country, a person must have a plan to climb a mountain and when that person gets to the top, they have an experience by looking around at miles and miles of uninterrupted view, and feel great because this hard climb on this awe inspiring mountain..

Over the years of history, people had to move to the city, but we left something behind, a way of life, a respect to life, and a way to see life, this is where all the problems we have in the city can go back too.  I think that this is the reason why city planners put trees in the city to get back that “thing” lost.  But, a few trees does not a woodland or forest make.  I think people on a different level know what they have lost from moving from the country because many people take vacations to nature spots as if they try to reclaim that “thing” lost.  I have come to the city, to do my work, to live my life, but I miss those childhood adventures, climbing mount Lafayette, and the past perception of my innocence.