Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meditation Spiral

Meditation Spiral
by Robert G Parent

It seems as though I'm in a constant state of meditation because no matter what I do I think about it.  I think about it, not how it effects on me in the outer but, what it brings up from inside of me.  In that knowledge, I continue to meditate on.  And though that process, I gain wisdom.  In that wisdom, I grow.  In that growth, I continue to mediate.  And, this cycle continues in its heavenly spiral.

Who to Trust

Who to Trust
by Robert G Parent

I listen to many stories and make up my own mind.
I use my mind and heart to see the truth and find wisdom.
I trust in the God within me, My Divinity.

I continue to develop my own my extrasensory mind powers,
not by power, but in working and seeing the bigger picture.
I hear words from my pasts,
 “don't let others force you to do what your not ready for.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life's Mystery Reveals

Life's Mystery Reveals
by Robert G Parent

A train whistle echoes between both lands, in an ethereal sound, confirming something spoken.

Spiritual or Physical, is still apart of the One Life I live.

Through Time's Garden and experience,  the connection strengthens as knowledge flows between both, and where wisdom is created.

I walk the path of this life that I live, meeting other souls along the way, creating that which makes us strong.  We've all come from the source as it's golden ratio continues toward infinity, never ending, never beginning, just there creating the playground where we live.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making Peace with Summer

July 18, 2014. Making peace with Summer by Robert G Parent.

A lot has been happening in my life and with that I have little in my money account. I have the usual types of bills rent, cable, and cell phone. The rent I pay per paycheck. The cable (broadband) and cell phone, I pay in alternative weeks. Everything else that I need or want is paid in between the three including my college classes or class. I can only take one course per semester because I chose to pay cash for my college course. I do have only one course left to get my associates in interior design, which is in the spring semester of 2015. This fall I'm taking an accounting business class. I do want to take more business classes because my instructor last year said it would be good to have a bachelors in business. I don't know if I will go for my bachelors. For right now, I'm just taking business classes and hope I can transfer them into a bachelors of business at some later date.

I wish that I would have graduated high school and gone to college after high school. I might have been more further along in my career by now. Though, I would have had a different life. Would it have been better? I don't know. It's like one day my life just happened as if going on a Sunday drive through the mountains. Why the mountains? I don't know I just like the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

As for my job, what can I say but only it gives me enough money to live on, well kind of, okay, it's more than I was getting at my last three jobs put together. I also get to drive, to drive and think, to ponder on my path. Maybe if I start saving (coming up with a plan to save) I can build a buffer in my money account and that buffer alone would help me have a little less stress, a little less anxiety. Summer is about doing. So, I guess, this is me making peace with Summer.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Thought forms

Thought forms
by Robert G parent

What are thought forms? Thought forms are beliefs that people individually and in mass have to either try and understand what can't be seen or to try to understand their immediate surroundings.

Thought forms are like a world unto themselves, or maybe even like another dimension.
An example of this is like the different towns, cities, and states.
Each town, city, and state can have beliefs that are unique unto themselves and those beliefs provide a basic way of how people in that particular town, city, and state live.
Even though there are common higher beliefs and thoughts that are particular to a state, province, or country.

Because of the law of correspondences, we can come to understand thought forms on an individual basis; and then, because as above so below, and so below as above we can understand thought forms on a higher basis like in individual towns, cities, and states.

Some examples of individual thought forms are "there is one source that all abundance flows from and I am a part of that", "I never get the flu", "I am always lucky", "people find me attractive", "I love helping people and people help me", "I hate you", "I hate …", "I'm jealous of …", a gnawing worry, and a consistent anxiety are all examples of thought forms.

Affirmations are also thought forms. Quotes that we remember consistently are also thought forms. Gossip or any un-truth toward another person or situation or experience are also thought forms.  Any words that are either positive or negative that we give our energy, our will to are thought forms.

One thing that we need to remember in our human collective is we are all a part of the whole and have our own purpose and reason to be here on the earth. This is what each of us needs to meditate on because the thought forms that we speak can not only affect us but our brothers and sisters of humanity. One place where thought forms affect the majority of people are in politics. To understand this, take look at the past 10 years, just in this country and see where we are now and then tell me that those thought forms that all our politicians speak haven't hurt us. Imagine if we used our thought forms in a more positive manner with attention to how it affects the whole, where do you think we'd be now? Would the last 10 years be different in this country? We have got to let go of our anger, fear, and jealousy and transform ourselves, our country, and our world into something where we acknowledge and nurture the whole of humanity.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Make peace with summer

Make peace with summer
by Robert G parent

How do I make peace with summer? I remember that time as a youth traveling to different places, different times. I remember the swimming and the adventurers driving my bike to the lake or hiking in the woods behind the house I grew up in. I remember going to the White Mountains and Canada. I remember going to organ concerts then to Dunkin' Donuts for an after concert snack. I remember a lot of fun times growing up, innocent in my own world as every child is innocent in their world. And, I remember the night of the car accident and of course the other weird stuff that happened growing up.

Now, I sit here on my bed with the window open, to get the cool summer night's air into my apartment.  I listen to the children playing next door, and of course grown-ups sitting around a campfire probably talking.

I suppose it's easier now then it was for me just a short while ago. Where summer for me was hot, muggy and poor. I didn't feel rich then going from low income job to low income job, looking for some type of break, something from where I could start moving back "up the ladder" or as the song says, to the place where I used to be, but Robert Frost was right when he said, that time will never come again. Yes, everything changes. No one can go back in time to walk in the same spot in life's River. Each of us can only move forward.

I don't like it hot and muggy.
How can I make peace with summer?