Saturday, August 15, 2015

Go Within

Go Within
by Robert G Parent

We make amends with past hurt and disappointment to move forward
in the dream within our heart.
We move forward making mistakes because of the ideas within our head.
We create plans giving us security to move beyond fear within our world.
We hear hope making us expand because of the Dreams within Our Soul.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Solutions to Reduce United States Debt

Solutions to Reduce United States Debt
by Robert G Parent

There is more crime in this country because the economy is worst then the news people are telling the public. Just go to Peter Schiff’s You Tube channel to check out his videos on the economy.

How will America correct our economy? We need some really smart money people who truly want to serve their country and make it better. Here is a few ideas that I thought of. First, we need to start getting people off of government dependency. One way to do that is to repel the Affordable Care Act and free up the insurance companies to be able to sell in all states to insure competition in the market, which will bring the cost of insurance down. Another way to bring health care cost down is to fix the higher education system and not making it so expensive to go to school. Then, doctors and nurses will not need to charge so much for their services and let the market decide what their cost is. Second way for America to correct our economy is that we need to get rid of a lot of regulations in business and make it more feasible to manufacture in the United States, which will create more jobs, lower prices, and increase wages to make it easier for the people to live freer. Third, we need to get people off welfare and let welfare programs to be controlled by the individual states, which will give each state the flexibility to solve local problems in helping people get jobs and live off their paychecks.

The majority of problems that we have in this country can be solved by each state then can be solved nationally. The national government should only have the responsibility to run the military, the post office, run any big project that are too big for each state to accomplish individually, and to make sure the liberties of Americans are secured. If we did these few solutions that this writer came up with as a country, everyone’s wealth will increase in this country.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Secret of the Founding Fathers

June 21, 2015 Secret of the Founding Fathers by Robert G Parent It's Father's Day today and I was thinking of the founding fathers when they were putting together the constitution of the United States. We don't see that type of knowledge by congressmen and politicians nowadays. Look at the last major bill the current congress passed ( the Affordable Care Act ). The putting together of that bill was unlike the founding fathers. First reason why is that only one party put the ACA together. The founding fathers worked together to put the constitution of the United States together. Second reason why the current congressmen was unlike the founding fathers in putting together the ACA is that the ACA is a longer document filled with words that confuse and distract the people as they try to read it if in fact the congressmen read it before voting for the ACA. The constitution of the United States is a much shorter document and has remained popular for 300 years. There is something different with the people elected to congress in 2008 and how congress has been running since. There was a recent pole in the country to see if the people had confidence in the government ( Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court ). We the people of the Untied States don't have confidence in our government. The funny thing is that this president was voted into office twice by the majority of the people, and in the first term of the presidency the democrats had a super majority in congress. They could have been the start of something really good, but the democrats continued to attack their brothers, the republicans. I suppose that is a major problem with a party system. People separate and work for their group instead of realizing that their group is apart of the whole. I could blame the educational system or the laziness of the people to get informed about who they elect into an office of the United States, but I suppose that is apart of a bigger lesson that the country as a whole need to learn. I wonder where will be as a nation and as a world in three hundred years from now.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Seven Year Ache

The Seven Year Ache
By Robert G Parent
            Omnicare, I thought that I would retire there.  I delivered medications to nursing homes throughout the state of New Hampshire.  Who knew how it would end for not just me but all of Omnicare's drivers because we all got laid off.  After I got laid off, I tried working for Velocity, the company that took over the driving contracts.  I thought it would be okay and maybe interesting because I haven't been self-employed.  I did learn stuff and I needed to do something.  However, my time with Velocity would be short mostly because what they did with the settlement checks, deducted thirty percent. Velocity said the reason they did this was that they figured out the settlement checks wrong.  I couldn't afford to work there anymore so eight months later – I quit. 

            After months, I started at a local school bus company.  It wasn't too bad to work 20 hours a week earning about $250.  My rent was at least paid. I couldn't afford cable and my food budget was small, but then the Summer came. There is no school during Summer which means no work. So, I had to do something.  I found a full time job at a cleaning company, who cleaned nursing homes.  I started at $500 every two weeks and worked my way up to management to have my own building.  I was proud of my success and tried hard to do my best, but I was not prepared for the situation that happened.  I got demoted and moved back to the original building that I started, which I couldn't handle it well; I blamed it on the training that I received.  I had to do something. So after much pondering,  I enrolled in the Interior Design Program at Manchester Community College.  I figured after two years of studying; I could quit the cleaning job and start a new career.  Well, life had something else in store for me.  So after I got fired, I started looking for another job while going to school.
            I found a housekeeping job cleaning businesses for ten hours per week at $10 per hour.  I had to keep looking for another job.  A few months later, I found a job driving a 16 foot truck delivering medications and post office stuff on a route.  I was finally making a good paycheck.  It was still every two weeks, but the money was good.  I had thought that I found a job where I could caught up on my bills and continue going to school for my Associates Degree in Interior Design.  One year later, the accident happened and I got fired.

             I've been out of a steady job since October 2014.  I've been trying my best to survive.  It's now February 2015.  It's cold and snowy.  I still have my apartment and my car.  I'm finishing my schooling, English class and my Internship class.  And of course, I'm still looking for a job.  Every night as I go to bed, I think, what is next to do?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Star Wars: A Hero’s Journey

Star Wars: A Hero’s Journey
By Robert G Parent

I remember when Joseph Campbell was talking about myth on one of his PBS shows. One of the types of myth Joseph Campbell talked about was The Hero’s Journey. George Lucas was also a part of that show, and I remember George Lucas talking about how he wanted to create a new myth for the 21 century, which was Star Wars, which he also said it was a myth of The Hero’s Journey. I think that George Lucas did succeed in creating this myth because Star Wars has captured the imagination of many generations. While George Lucas wrote and directed the first six movies, other writers have written for the extended universe that occurred after “Return of the Jedi” and before “The Phantom Menace”, “the Clone Wars” and “Rebels” animation series, there have even been people so inspired by the Jedi that a whole new religion was created separate from the movies. Yes, I think George Lucas succeed in creating a modern myth for a new time. Still, many people don’t see the Hero’s Journey within Star Wars and have written about other reasons and other story patterns within the first six movies of Star Wars. I don’t want people to forget about why and for what purpose Star Wars was created. So, here in this essay, I show how Star Wars is about the Hero’s Journey of Anakin Skywalker and how George Lucas mirrors Anakin’s journey with Luke’s journey. And now the beginning animation rolls down the screen of our minds. Any quotes I use in this essay are from the Wikipedia article entitled “Monomyth” that I accessed on February 28, 2015 at 6:15pm at

The Hero’s Journey consist of three parts called the Departure (also called the Separation), the Initiation, and the Return. The three parts can be broken down further to 17. As quoted, “’Departure’ deals with the hero’s adventure prior to the quest; ‘Initiation’ deals with the many adventures along the way; and ‘Return’ deals with the hero’s return home with knowledge and power acquired on the journey.”

The first part of the Hero’s Journey is the call to action, which Anakin received after the podrace was won with his freedom. Qui Gon asks Anakin to go with him and learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi Knight. The supernatural aid that Anakin received was the Force.
Next comes crossing the threshold from the known to the unknown. Anakin didn’t do this until the movie “Attack of the Clones”. The guardians at the threshold were the Jedi Council, which at first they denied Anakin Skywalker, but by the end of the first movie he had proven himself worthy to the Jedi Council to begin the official training.

Next in the Hero’s Journey is beginning the transformation and with that the hero gets a mentor or helper, which was Obi Won Kenobi. All through “Attack of the Clones” Anakin was faced with challenges and temptations.

Next comes the abyss, which is where a death and rebirth comes. This comes to Anakin in “Revenge of the Sith” where he was initiated into the dark side of the Force, by killing the younglings, killing the trade federation’s leaders, and fighting his mentor in hate. After this transformation, Anakin Skywalker begun his return.

Next on the Hero’s Journey comes the atonement, which Anakin did through his son Luke Skywalker when Anakin saved Luke’s life by killing the emperor. And to complete the return to the known, Anakin received “a gift from the goddess,” in this case the Force, where his son Luke Skywalker became the first of the new Jedi. Anakin Skywalker wanted to bring peace to the galaxy and he did. Anakin completed the return because he was a child of the force, virgin born.

While the six episodes of Star Wars is about Anakin’s full Hero’s Journey, the first three movies, the originals, and the second three, the prequel, are both smaller versions of the Hero’s Journey as George Lucas mirrors the first and second trilogies, even in the titles; such as, episode one corresponds to episode four. In these stories both Anakin and Luke Skywalker are young and innocent in the ways of the force and the bigger picture of the galaxy.

The second episode corresponds to the fifth episode and this is where Anakin and Luke Skywalker received their initiations into the Force and the bigger, unknown galaxy. Also in the second and fifth episodes they both had “a meeting with the goddess,” find unconditional, encompassing love. Anakin found this through Padme, which gave him his children. Luke found this love with his friends. In the second and fifth episodes, they also found the “woman as temptress;” in other words, they were tempted to leave their quests. The episodes had a variety of temptations. Also in these episodes, both Anakin and Luke Skywalker had the “atonement of the father;” this is where “…the person must confront and be initiated by whoever holds the ultimate power in his or her life.” In Luke’s story, it was Luke’s father. In Anakin’s story, it was Palpatine.

The third episode corresponds to the fifth episode. In these episodes, they both had the “apotheosis,” which is when “…someone dies a physical death, or dies to the self to live in the spirit, he or she moves beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love, compassion and bliss.” For him, Anakin lost his wife and he thought his children. For him, Luke lost his father. The next part of the Hero’s Journey is the receiving of “the Ultimate Boon,” which “…is the achievement of the goal of the quest.” Anakin didn’t receive that boon, which was, to his knowledge, to save his wife and child. Luke did receive his boon, which was to redeem his father and bring him back to the light side of the Force.

In his world as Darth Vader, Anakin didn’t find bliss or enlightenment until episode six at the end of his journey. We know this by the look on his face when his son took off his mask. Anakin received his boon in the form of his son Luke living with the gift of the Force which Luke passes onto a new galaxy free of Sith, at least in the short term from Anakin’s perspective. Luke’s story does continue in the extended Star Wars universe where Leia, Han, Chewbacca, C3P0, and R2 work to rebuild the galaxy and Luke builds the new Jedi Order. If you haven’t read any of the books on the extended Star Wars universe, I encourage you to read them in audio or text. For all those who love the epic myth of Star Wars, you will love these stories from great authors. Remember the three tenants of the Jedi – Focus, Knowledge, and Wisdom. And of course, may the Force be with you all.

more writing is coming

More writing is coming
By Robert G Parent

It has been a couple months since I posted. I've been busy with lots of stuff. I have started college again to finish my associates in interior design. One of my classes is an English class where I'm writing more essay. I've been wanting to do this for some time and so I'll be posting more writing in essay form on this blog. I hope you like. I also plan on publishing some more kindle books, so stay tuned for more information on that. My next post after this one will a Star Wars essay about Star Wars and the Hero's Journey and the new myth for a new century. Thank You George Lukas.