Thursday, July 13, 2017

Still I Wait

Written May 7, 2017 a late Sunday night before the week's beginning.

Still I Wait by Robert G Parent

I sit here in the middle of my half organized living room, the copier runs to the rhythm of poetry playing on my cell phone.

Late at night coffee, tea, and lemonade, I try to stay up and do the work that's needed.  My emotions and thoughts dance their strange dance on paper.

All the stuff I don't use, the papers I don't read, and those old bills that pile up.  My dream, a designed apartment and work as an Interior Designer and writer wait for that empty space to be.

Independent Consultant's Book, Small business book, stories about entrepreneurs fill my consciousness of a past time gave birth to a dream, a dream that's not yet realized.

I ask the full moon, the wind that blows, and my unseen ancestors that fill this space of life's view-master, what am I doing right?  I still wait for my answer, my purpose.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ignored Potential

Ignored Potential: One thought in a busy world  by Robert G Parent

Humid morning here in the other Manchester, the one in New Hampshire USA.  I'm sitting here at a local grocery store in the cafe area. I see cars pass on a busy street of people going to work, shopping, home, or wherever.  There are people in the grocery lines buying food for the day or maybe even lunch, passing each other with their carriages of groceries, talking to each other in the cafe, or just watching the local ABC affiliate on the TV in the cafe.  However in an unknown corner ignore by many by choice or because they just have their own problems is a young man, probably in his twenties, head on the table sleeping, with bags behind him, a backpack and a blanket roll from sleeping somewhere else last night other then a home. What a waste of potential. No job, No family, No friends.  There is something wrong in a society that ignores the potential of someone being able to have the opportunity to share their gift.  We all have something to teach and something to learn in this Garden of Eden.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Plant based diet on a budget

Plant based diet on a budget
by Robert G Parent

I heard that going on a plant based diet will cure my diabetes, but money is a bit tight, so how is this possible?  This question lead me to a journey and an answer to improve my life.  I started my journey browsing in my local grocery stores to check local prices.  The inexpensive foods I found are dry beans, which is a good source of protein, as I've been told on the Internet, also dried beans gives my taste buds a variety of taste, and beans can also be paired with rice which is also an inexpensive food.  I look for bean recipes on the Internet and found many ways to cook them, but because of my finances I keep it basic and occasionally experiment with other ways to cook beans.

Some vegetables can expensive especially out of season, so I've found that frozen vegetables to be an inexpensive alternative, which can vegetables are as well and they are easier to stock up, which can save me money to buy other foods like fruits or ingredients like different types of spices.  I've also found that Ramen Noodles, which are also easy to stock up, are an inexpensive way to pair up vegetables and gives me some variety in my meal choices.  Many times I don't add the flavor packet because I add other herb mixes to my meals.  I have found herbs can be bought inexpensively at the dollar store, which saves me money so that I can save up and buy favorite fresh herbs.  I've even heard that you can grow herbs on your window sill.  I can't because I don't have a window sill and that I'm on the north side of the building.

I've discovered that I could make my own bread inexpensively in the oven or in a cast iron skillet.  I've discovered that flour is inexpensive to buy, useful for many recipes, and can be stocked up, but just remember to store it properly and be mindful of the expiration date. I've even discovered that it is possible to make my own pasta, though I haven't tried it yet.  I'm also still trying to get the bread right, one thing at a time right.

For snacks, I've discovered fruits and nuts, but for most fruit it's best to buy them in season.  I love the apples and apple cider in the autumn.  Just like vegetables, I can buy fruits inexpensively in the frozen food section.  One inexpensive fruit I found is bananas because I can buy two pounds locally for one dollar, forty-nine cents a pound, better then buying candy bars.  I found the dollar store is also a good place to buy nuts and it saves me money for when I want to splurge and buy the more expensive nut, like pistachio nuts, which is better then ice cream.

My journey on eating more of a plant based diet continues.  It is my hope to make more money and try out different fruits and vegetables.  I think that what we need in this world to feed its population, many of which are starving, is to grow our own fruits and vegetables locally.  I believe that there is no place where we cannot grow fruits and vegetables, from the Antarctic to the deserts and everywhere in between.  I've seen the research where we have great green house technology.  I even believe that we can grow fruits and vegetables in the cities, both small and large, by building multiple story green houses in climate controlled buildings that would open up an opportunity for more local jobs.  Anyway, I will continue to research more ways to stay healthy and live my life in freedom experimenting with new recipes from videos, blogs, and books.  I believe it is possible to cure diabetes and just be more healthier.  How about you. I leave you with my blessing of live long and prosper, and stay creative in the magic of life.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Heart of Capitalism

The Heart of Capitalism by Robert G Parent

The heart of Capitalism is within the true community.
Everyone gives to the community so the community can
give back. We share our gifts which strengthens community.
When the state does for us, our gifts die within us
because its not done by choice from our hearts.

Everything has its place.
We collect old ideas pile them on each other.  
This clutters our lives and leaves no space for new possibilities
because we use our energy holding onto these old ideas,
until we run out of energy and we start to die.
We need change and to make things new.

Love yourself as who you are.  
Feel the flow of creation, of the source through your being.  
Detox the old ideas.  Pray for new creations.  Make your life like a vision quest and become your truth, your new story.

We all need wonder to get us through the ordinary part of our days.
Become the Dream of your mind and heart.

When we think of the decisions in the past and as to why we made them is when we realize knowledge in action -- Wisdom.

I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force, between the mind and emotion, learning the art of creation in this Physical Realm, more freedom of the community's people is the heart of capitalism and the growth of our human kind to truly become who we decide in the art of Creation.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

3 Reasons to have a Tiny House

3 Reasons to have a Tiny House
by Robert G Parent

Tiny Houses have made there way into our lives through cable television, YouTube, a family member, or a friend.  There is just something cool about a tiny house. They're neat and cheaper then a regular house, can be built on only a small plot of land from a family, friend, mobile home park, or as a traveling home in an RV park.  A tiny house can be made totally off the grid because they're cheaper to maintain.  The idea of a tiny house gives us a spiritual feeling because they have a simple elegance in their design and people see them as something different, something new in a modern technological, economic time.  There are three reasons why I think people choose to live in a tiny houses.

Tiny house living is less stressful.  All you need to have in your space is just what you love, and if your surrounded by what you love, you feel love in what you do and how you live life.  A tiny house is also easier to keep clean because all you have is what you love, making it possible to have all your stuff to have their own place in your space.  A tiny house is constantly in motion and depends on what you're doing at any given time and because there is a system for everything, to wash your clothes and dishes, to store and organize the stuff you love, you'll have a place to sleep and entertain or do your hobby.

The second reason people have a tiny house is their a good started home because they're more inexpensive and bigger then an Recreational Vehicle.  A tiny house can be built by their owners. Also, tiny house living gives you an ability to focus on the different parts of your life, like getting started in your career, saving money to start a family or going to college.  Tiny house living will help someone spend time with family, studying, or doing fun stuff like a hobby, music, writing, photography, art, coding, etc...  Tiny house living even helps save you money shopping, so you can save for retirement, for family time, for entertainment, or for paying off your debts.

The third reason people have a tiny house is they think it's spiritual because in a tiny house you have less stuff and your able to mediate, do yoga, or spend your time figuring out unseen places and subjects.  A tiny house gives you less distractions so you can spend your time looking at the big picture or focusing on one aspect of a problem in your life or in your work.  Because you have less stuff, more time and more money, tiny house living brings you the ability to travel to nature spots like the mountains, the beach, or go out and be more involved in your community.

Tiny house living gives you a less stressful life because you only care for what you truly love. Tiny house living gives you an opportunity to own your first house, which gives you more time to focus on what you truly want to do in your life.  Tiny house living gives you a chance to find out who you are and what your connection is to your community, your world, and your universe.  I can see how people feel that tiny house living is spiritual because it is an opportunity to do what people want to do with there life.  I also see that tiny house living techniques can be used for living in a tiny apartment and living a minimalist lifestyle by only bringing into your life what you truly love and truly want to do.  I believe that life gives us opportunities to learn something new about ourselves, our world, and our universe.  Is tiny house living good for you? Only you can know, but I say be open to what life brings to you because it is based on the decisions you've made in the past, even if you've forgotten them. So look at your situation in a new light and learn.  In learning, you grow in knowledge about yourself and your life.  Be open and try something new.  You know you want to.

Still Here

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