Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014, by Robert G Parent
I started another journal the 15th of September, 2014 with a lot of hope and expectation. In this journal, I talked about organizing, and here, in December on the last day of 2014, I started de-cluttering and organizing. I now have a plan and I started working my organizing plan.  Also, I never thought that I would’ve lost my job.  I know that I will get another full time job, but I feel that it may take another form of something that I would not have thought.  Life can be like that, uncertain, but we get what we need. I wonder though, who planned that to happen?
In the last quarter, of this year 2014, I probably have learned more and more about life and myself, then in this whole year.  Another thing that I found out is that blogs are the most inexpensive way to get one’s thoughts out to share with those who want to read blogs. 
I’ve always looked to what’s next, maybe that is why I like First Night.  It’s an end but also a beginning at the same time.  It is poetic in explaining the physical moment, in each moment we are both in the past and future. I do like a good mystery.  So, what’s coming up for me, the United States, and the world in 2015, I eagerly wait for the future present to unfold. I guess all I need to do now is stay creative in the mystery of life and be inspired.

Monday, December 29, 2014

To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be
 by Robert G Parent

Part of me doesn’t want to be here in a physical body anymore. I had such hopes and dreams when I was younger, which was revived last year. Currently though, this life that I live now is sucking out my energy. My dreams are only shadow. Community is supposed to build its members up. Community is not run the way it’s supposed to be.

Obama, back in 2008, promised hope and change. The change we have now is not hopeful. It doesn’t help the country or its people. I’ve always been told that it was the Democrats that help the people, but the proof shows that is not true. Obama was elected by the majority, so it’s them to blame for not doing their research and being in tune with soul knowledge.

All I do when I’m alone is cry. How much can a person take? And if it’s true of what I hear that the economy is going to get worse, that would mean there would be more people like me, struggling. Sounds like a hopeless situation to me. I keep thinking of the phoenix days of No Eyes as written by Mary Summer Rain. I don’t know if I can hold on until it’s over and we get a better world. There comes a time when a drowning person just stops and surrenders to the final fate of the body. I am so tried that I want to sleep and transition back to spirit.

But what does death really hold for us humans as we pass from the physical. We have no proof as to what happens in death because no one has returned from death. For all I know, we just pass into the whole, lose ourselves, and just get recycled. So, now what do I do?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

concerned in NH

Concerned in NH
By Robert G Parent

It's been awhile since I updated this blog. My anxiety and stress are great at this time. I've been looking for a job, a career. Trying to be optimistic, being pushed down because of the state of the economy, this current environment has left me mentally and emotionally weak. It's difficult to see hope vanish. I wonder how the majority of people feel at this moment who elected President Obama. How can those politicians forget how its like to be at your lowest point with no hope? I wonder if they have ever known. It seems that those politicians only know or strive for power, not service of the true community. We know what happened to Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith. Can people still make a difference? I don't know because my optimism is very low. It's so low that I wrote this twitter poetry: choice/none in healthcare/none in full-time jobs/not enough money to live/I take that final sleep/and weep silent tears. Where do I go now?

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Day the Music Died

I wrote this February 18, 2011. I still do wonder what is happening to this country and this world. Why are people still caught up in this socialist utopia idea?

The Day the Music Died by Robert G Parent

Somewhere over the rainbow
healthcare is free,
I mean really free,
workers make all they need
for family and stuff.
People aren't over worked
and have plenty of time
with family and friends.

Somewhere over the rainbow
there is a new order
to the world,
where people work together
for a common goal,
exploring and building
a civilization in space

Let us all eat
of the Apple
and give ourselves over
to the illusion
of a socialist Utopia.
Free will, free speech,
and free enterprise
is over.

Let us all celebrate this day,
the day the music died.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Nuclear Energy -- beyond the fear

This is something that I wrote on October 26, 2014 as I was waking from sleep in the morning.

Nuclear Energy -- beyond the fear by Robert G Parent

Nuclear Energy, just the mention of the word throws some people into fear.  This is understandable because every person on this Earth has seen the power of a Nuclear Weapon and the shear destruction of its energy when it's released.  People also see the radioactive waste left behind by the nuclear power plants as man tries to release and use the energy of the atom.  Some people fear nuclear energy for those two reason that I just gave; and because of this fear, people miss the beauty, the perfection of the atom.  Think on this, all that energy that we've seen comes from a little package that is so small we cannot see it with our naked eye.  It is perceived that nuclear energy comes from nothing, but it's not nothing. The atom is a small building block that makes everything in the Universe. Maybe if we stop fearing the energy that comes from the atom, and start seeing the atom with new eyes is when we as a human species will make that jump into a higher, more mature consciousness.  It is a good thought to ponder on, right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

my accounting class

My Accounting Class -- a lesson for all
by Robert G Parent

I had not realized that its been almost a month since I wrote on this blog.  I've been busy at work and school, but this is no excuse for forgetting my writing obligations.  That being said, I am back.  I had an assignment in class to write a self assessment, while this is a good idea for anyone to do on occasion, I'm not printing it here on the blog, but instead is something that I wrote before the self assessment which I thought is very valuable to share with others. It is about something that I hear every election by people who truly don't understand.  My prayer is that they come to an understanding on business and with that understanding make a better community. Hope you enjoy it.

I wondered how this course was going to be at the beginning. I mean how can anyone have a conversation about accounting. Well, people can discussion accounting and it can be interesting.  One thing that I learned is how to look at a company's financials and determine how the company is doing, well anyway when I learn more about accounting I could do this better.  Many people don't know what goes on behind the financial statements of a company.  I think people need to know this, to come to an understanding of the business process.  In every political election and even before and after, I hear people talk negatively about how bad are businesses.  While there are some bad businesses, the majority of businesses are good and are part of the natural ecosystem that makes up a healthy community.  The exchange of goods and services are more then just making a profit. It's about people sharing their gifts with the community that they live.