Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Summons of Konami, and my opinion of them

The Summons of Konami, and my opinion of them
by Robert G Parent

Konami has created many ways to summon a monster in their card game Yugioh as you can see in this link .
Now I like the many summoning types, some I had a problem with, and some types of summoning were disappointing.

I'll start with the Fusion Summons that were the most disappointing, IMO. In a Fusion summon, you needed to fuse two or more monsters to create the fusion monster. What made this summons disappointing is that it was hard to collect all the monsters you need to make a fusion summons. Also you needed a polymerization card which was equally hard to get. Fusions started to get better with the Elemental Heroes and contact fusion, but I think that it was too late.

Ritual monsters was a great hope but again you still needed to collect the pieces, still difficult but possible. What made this summoning disappointing is the lack of popularity with it.

Synchro summons were better because Konami made it easier to get syncho monsters and tuners.  Then duelist could focus more on strategy. That had opened up the game to more possibilities which is what makes the game great.

XYZ summons picked up where synchro summons left off and again duelist could focus on the possibilities and strategies.

Now the next summon is the Pendulum Summon.  They have not released more information about this new summons. I'll still be looking for the information. But if I may speculate, or hope, I think that the Pendulum Summons will be similar to the ritual summons in that you will need a type of card to unlock added abilities.  This is similar to the Gemini monsters where if you pay an additional summons more abilities of that card are released.  So, I look with anticipation at finding out more about Pendulum Summon and learning to use this new summon.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

January 28, 1986 and 1996

January 28, 1986 and 1996 is a Poem by Robert G Parent, which I wrote in 1996 in memory of the Shuttle Challenger explosion.  I remember thinking at the time as it went up before it exploded, "I wish that I was up there."  Space exploration is dangerous but it is a necessity.  If we don't expand among the stars we may wind up like the dinosaurs.
Robert G Parent

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I miss the old HGTV

I miss the old HGTV
by Robert G Parent

I am sitting here, drinking a nice mug of hot coffee on this cold Winter's day, watching the non-commercial  Rose Parade on HGTV -- it's great.  I miss some of the programming that used to be on HGTV like gardening shows, woodworking shows, and yes crafting shows.  I used to watch it all the time, now I don't because I'm not interested in real estate.  Why can't HGTV have a miss of different programming like the gardening shows, woodworking shows, crafting shows, and some of the more popular real estate shows.  They could even add some other types of programs that show other types of crafts, like model making and scrap booking.  Anyway, it is their channel and they can do with it as they will, even if it means sacrificing all that could be for a small piece of the broadcasting puzzle.  Time changes and the amount of cable stations also continue to grow.  The regular networks could not adapt and we see what has happened to them.  I hope you all who read this blog will have a great new year filled with lots of profits.  As the Vulcan's say, "Live Long and Prosper."  Thank You.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

About Higher Education

About Higher Education by Robert G Parent

On-line classes may become the death-nail of teachers of higher education.  If students can find out about what they want to learn on-line and in reading a variety of books on the subject that they want to learn, why should they pay thousands of dollars into the higher education environment.  Teachers will become like tutors because students will teach themselves.  I see this as something that will happen more and more especially as the economy continues to be weak and people have less disposable income.  Also, when people start to teach themselves by reading the many books about the subject they want to learn and watching videos and listening to audios about the subject, higher educational schools will have to change.  Schools will change by having teachers become mentors who help prepare people to take a test to become certified to work in the field of the person's choice.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thoughts from the Jedi Poet

Thoughts from the Jedi Poet

December 11, 2011
by Robert G Parent

“Jealousy is the shadow of greed.”  That quote is from Yoda in Episode 3 of Star Wars.

I like collecting quotes, especially those quotes that get my attention.  Has that ever happened to you?
Sometimes it's a quote, a song, a story, or even a movie.  This is how I believe your higher self communicates to us.

Pay attention to this when it does happen to you.
Mediate on what that quote, song, or story means to you.
Write about it in your journal or Blog it.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Soul is...

The Soul is...
by Robert G Parent

There is no darkness in the soul.
The darkness comes from the ego, from dark thoughts, from separation.
The soul is about unity about seeing the bigger picture.
The soul is about seeing the divine self  in each of us.