Monday, October 25, 2004

Audible Top 10 in Technology

10 Quick Steps to Converting VHS Tapes to DVDs
Author: Jake Ludington
Narrator: David Lawrence
Abridged Nonfiction
Audio Length: 36 min.

Publisher's Summary

Take all those valuable VHS tapes in your library and easily convert them to digital DVDs!
In this new book, Lockergnome's Jake Ludington shows you, in 10 quick steps, the easy way to preserve your precious videotapes, how to convert them to DVDs, what computer configuration to use, how to find the right cables, how to edit the final product and more.
And Jake reveals why using FireWire cards might mean no need for special sound cards. Learn the right amount of RAM to install...the 2 best video capture cards and how to use them...the most common errors and how to correct them...even the best DVD authoring software to get the job done right.

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