Thursday, October 14, 2004

Autumn Day
I think that autumn is a very magical time of year. The feelings that I get while I am on a two lane rural highway, going under this color. I imagine that I am entering another world, a magical kingdom. I am. A world of my imagination, the world of nature, or something that is inbetween and conects the two worlds. Who knows? The experiance will speak for itself. Hopefully you get this out of this poem.
Bobby G.


Anonymous said...

Robert, very nice poem. I'm glad to see you've been keeping this up.

I highly recommend the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?" (sometimes called "What The !@#$ Do We Know?"). It's a metaphysical film, not showing in many places but when it is shown, it is usually sold out. I think you'd really appreciate it.

--Paul Cilwa

Anonymous said...

bob - glad to read you now and again - did not get to do as much leaf peeping as i wanted to - time flies - anyway, i liked this poem alot - keep writing - and tell the boys at work that the girls in dover arent having ANY fun anymore - drop me a note if you want, i'll keep you posted on photo competitions, if you feel like digging your camera out of mothballs - take care - barb (