Monday, November 15, 2004

Becoming -- the cities of Man's imagination
by Robert G. Parent

Ancient Highways
By JJ Dewey
The feet of the Lord await
To walk upon the earth of those ancient lands
In Iraq, In Israel, In Iran and in Afghanistan
In all the lands of the Middle East
In all the countries of the earth
But the door to freedom first
Has to swing open wide
In that ancient land, which was first
And is now last,
But will be first again.
He searched with piercing eye
For one with power to help who was willing
Willing to take the steps to subdue evil
And plant the seeds of freedom.
Willing to be hated by the world in place of the Master.
Finally, the day of opportunity came.
A leader dropped to his knees
Realizing that his own wisdom was not enough
"What shall I do?" he asked of his God.
"I did not ask for war, but if war is forced upon me
I will go if you approve."
The Master heard the words of humble prayer
"Go my son, for in righteousness do I judge and make war
To give the lives of the few to insure
The freedom of the many is Right-Use.
The human heart eternally cries for freedom
Which is more important than the extension of physical life.
"Garner as much human will as possible
Behind the endeavor
To set up an Ensign to the Nations in the Mid East
So the Son of Man who is the Son of God
Can tread the ancient highways once again.
That the Hope of the Nations can manifest to the world."
Copyright 2004 by J J Dewey
This writing may be circulated free of charge
so long as this notice is included.

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