Monday, December 27, 2004

The Write Stuff 20041227
The power of the poet.

Grants for Writers

What is RSS?
for a two page article. You can also go to wikipedia at:

Other feeds to make it easier to syndicate content.
Atom feeds at and

some feedreaders to read text RSS feeds are:

Thunderbird --
It is a mail client like Outlook Express. I don't get my mail this way because there is no way to transfer your mail, like in the Earthlink mail client where you can export out your mail in a .dat file (makes backing up your mail so much easier). Thunderbird, however, is a great RSS reader for text because it reads both RSS and Atom feeds.

For a list of feed readers to only read text is

To read feeds with mp3 enclosures, you can use:
Ipodder found at
Doppler 1.1.1.found at
Doppler 2.0 found at
Readers for the Mac xpodder found at
I also think iTunes can do this, but I'm not sure on this one as I use a Windows machine.
If anyone knows for sure, you can either post in the comments section of this blog or you
can email me at .

Poet's notebook
found at

" Look up for inspiration, down for concentration but don’t look side to side for information".

"When they put unknown at the end of a quote, that means they probably don't no how to spell anonymous" -unknown

"War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left."

"43% of all statistics are worthless."

"A bird in the hand is safer than one overhead."

Poetry Corner:

From my book, "A Soul's Journey Continues"

"Walking Home" by Robert G. Parent
"The Mystery of Night" by Robert G. Parent
"Notice Me" by Robert G. Parent

Today's Creative commons song ("Phone Book" by Dripht) is from in the spoken word section:|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSkYVK-Z2o

MP3 File

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