Saturday, January 15, 2005

Show Notes for January 15, 2005

This show is about 30 minutes, if you don't have time to listen to it now download the mp3 and play it on your mp3 player, burn it to disk, or tape. Also, you could subscribe to my RSS feed (the link is below) and copy/paste it into a program like ipodder and always get the current mp3 delivered to your computer.

"The Future's Hope" by Robert G. Parent

Other Poems by Robert G. Parent

"The First to come" and "The Return"

Book of the week is from
"Angles and Other Stories " by Orson Scott Card
Some of the short stories you will find are:

"Homeless in Hell", "A Cross-Country Trip to Kill Richard", "Deep Breathing Exercises", "Heal Thyself", "Middle Woman", "Hitching", "Kingsmeat", "A Sepulchre of Songs", "Gert Fram", "St. Amy's Tale", "Malpractice", "Prior Restraint", "Memories of My Head", "A Thousand Deaths", "Billy's Box", "Angles"

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Poet's Notebook

A poet's notebook or for that matter a writer's notebook is a place where they can jot down phrases, quotes, images, character ideas to be used later. Some call it a seed book. When a poet or writer doesn't know what to write, they can go into their notebook and grab some words and paint a poem, a story, or use it in something that they are working on.

A Phrase: Through the storms of trouble, I come back to...

A Quote: "A good wine that has been aged is not the same as the day the bottle was filled.
Just as the wine of today is not as the wine of a future time." -- Robert G. Parent

An Image: Time Traveling sensors from the writer's guild

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