Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Write Stuff January 30, 2005
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Hey everyone, I did lose cell phone signal which cut off the recording. Since the recording went downhill from their, the best was captured and saved. This was fun for me to do. I will do it again. Leave comments on the blog as to how you liked this "The Write Stuff". I will still be doing my poetry that a lot of you like, but to change the format a little I will do more sound seeing tours. Pondering more of how I write poetry, I realized that this is close to the process that I use. Even though I don't travel physically, I travel with my imagination and am able to tap into what the moment has to tell me. In my next podcast, I will mention some more sites that either have been emailed me or that I listen to on a regular basis. Podcasting is great at getting poetry to the people who want to read and iisten to our creations. I will be added more links to my blogroll so keep checking in to see the updates and check out the sites and leave comments on these sites that you visit and tell them that you heard of them here.

Also on the next podcast, I will talk about something that I heard on "The Theory of Everything."

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