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The Theory of Everything

January 28, 1986 is a day that I will never forget. It was the day that the Challenger blew up in the sky. I remember seeing it on TV. The awe and wonder of the Challenger as it flew into the skies of the universe. Then, all of a sudden... For me, January 28, 1986 is a day that effected me a lot.

Others of the older generation fell this way with JFK and Martin Luther King got shot. That was in the 60's and before I was born. My memories is of the Challenger. Still others will remember 911. I wrote a poem on January 28, 1996 -- ten years later when this country had a moment of silence. That silence spoke to me and I wrote a poem, which I will read in this podcast. I subscribe to the NASA Image of the day and this picture came down which can be found at . The RSS feed for the NASA Image of the day is

The poem I will read will not only be for the seven souls of the Challenger but for all those we remember that left us Like JFK, Martin Luther King, and the souls of 911. We remember.

There is a new poetry site that I want to mention here the link is in my blogroll under Pod Poetry. Another talented poet. On his site their is another memorial poem for 2 Pac, who was someone who performed Rap. Go over to his site and check out the poem and leave a comment in his comments section of where you heard about his site. All of us like comments and to talk with those that read our blogs and poetry, so leave a comment in the blogs that you visit on a regular basis, even if it is to only say Thank You.

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