Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Write Stuff April 5 2005

The Write Stuff April 5 2005
by Robert G Parent

(this is a 28 minute show)

Trying a new format for the Write Stuff, which is going to be like this show.
It is like the formats from Celtic Music News Podcast and the Accident Hash Podcast.
I am looking for submission from you or anyone you know for poetry, promos, or commercials. The promos and commercials should be poetry or writing based, so to with the commercials. But if the commercials are about a cause, I could play it. When you send an mp3 of your audio poetry that you or your friend reads, make sure to fill out the ID3 tags with the name of the piece, the author, and in the album section put the website or book that you want people to go to or buy. Plan on doing this type of show once a week, but it depends on the feedback that I recieve. I'll still be doing news, reviews, and journal entries but will up load them separately. for feedback and submissions, send them to

I bid you peace,
your podcastbard

Some of the poetry your hear come from , "The
Golden Treasure" and from my being.

the song, by Beth Quist Titled "Monsters", is from

MP3 File

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