Friday, August 05, 2005

Music and Poetry

All Poetry and Music
Compiled by Robert G Parent

The Write Stuff August 5, 2005

All the songs played in this show are from The Podsafe Music Network

The songs played are
"fly, fly, fly" and "Did You Think" by Adrina Thorpe. Her website is

"Fragile Day" by A Northern Chorus. Their website is

"Back to the Basic" by Madsumo. Their website is

"Shan Shui" by Blood Ruby. Her website is

"Awakening" by Anne Davis. Her website is

The Public Domain poem I read is "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

My poetry: The Return, Icarus Reborn, The World of Being, Dreams Unfulfilled, Challenge, I Write My Music, The Organist and the Song of Nature, Moments, Dance of Life, Mirror's of Reality, Quest for Truth, Dreams, The Power of a Dream, The Struggle, Enemy-Friend, I Try

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Anonymous said...

bob - been away for awhile - this came just when i needed it - thank you - love, susan