Monday, November 07, 2005

In the spirit of the internet
by Robert G Parent

This post is in response to what is being talked about on the web about blogspot blogs. Some have said that many are splogs (blogs used to launch spam.) What I can say has been said by others, that spammers are just using this now, tomorrow they will use something else as a spam tool.

If we are to take away all the tools that spammers use, the internet and free association will be over. The main cause of spam are the people doing it. Why do people spam? That is the question we need to answer and find an alternative to spam. Spam is the old way of advertising. Spammers and us need to think different in the spirit that created the internet by thinking, helping each other, and for every voice to be heard.

If it were not for blogspot blogs, I would not have a website and my voice, my poetry would have gone unheard. They are many like myself who want to be heard, who want to be a part of the community on the internet. Citizens of the internet, we need to think differently and act in the spirit of the internet to have that solution that benefits all.

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