Sunday, December 04, 2005

MY NH: from the Poet's mind Episode 11

MY NH: from the poet's mind #11
by Robert G Parent

In today's elisode, you'll here part 2 of "The Basin" up in the White
Mountains of NH. I play some promos from Will Brown from "Cloudy Day Art Podcast. My
Holiday promo and a cool promo from the podshow feed I've subscribed
to for Earthlink The financial aid podcast
made the promo. I've not subscribed to it but it was cool so I played
it. The song is from the Podsafe
Music Network
"If everyday were Christmas" by Podsafe for Peace The Original song is from
Slau ,which I will be playing this
week on Podsafe Music Wednesday.

Thank you for listening and stay Creative
Duration: 26 minutes, 21 seconds

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