Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NH Flood for May 2006 part 1

The NH Flood May 2006 part 1
by Robert G Parent

Hey everyone, here is another video, which (for this week) will
replace Podsafe Music Wednesday.

This is the longest of the three part video that I went around
Manchester and Goffstown take shots of the high water we have because
of the paat two weeks of rain. I thought April was the month of
showers. well I guess the pilgrams are shipping out later then
usually. :)

I have learnt much in putting this videos, one of which is what fun it
is . I will be doing more video work.

In this video you will also hear some songs from the podsafe music network.

"Strange Weather" by FlyingTom

"Green River" by eric congdon

"The River" by COMEG

"Rising River" by Id Guinness

hope you enjoy,
and as always,
Stay Creative,
Duration:16 minutes, 24 seconds

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