Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Podsafe Music Wednesday #27

The Write Stuff July 25 2006
by Robert G Parent

Podsafe Music Wednesday #27

The music is from the Podsafe Music Network.

Notes: show 55 for Divine Enlightment. show for talk on creating indy videos for old time games show #66 for writers' block comments show #44 30 min. mark. for my Store

I also talk about my goal to finish my epic poem ( 10,000 words ) by end of year. My new video feed this autumn for NH from the poet's mind. I'm also working on a new site design. Talk about effortless, this show seemed to just flow by with no effort. It was fun.

With songs by,
Josh Woodward singing "Inertia" (Power Pop), "Fools Gold" (from his new collection "Only Whispering"), "To Lose the War" (Pop Rock) (from his new Collection "Only Whispering"), "Postcard from Hell" (Folk Rock) (from his new Collection "Only Whispering")

Also check out his website at

Some Podcast I listen to:

Cloudy Day Art
Dragon Page
Morevi by Tee Morris
I should Be Writing

Mysteryious Universe
Theater of the Mind
Children of the Gods
JJ Dewey

Poems in today's show:
"Icarus' Fall", "Icarus Reborn", "Icarus' Glory", "When falling, Learn to fly"

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