Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The True Spirit behind Halloween

The True Spirit behind Halloween
by Robert G Parent

Hey everyone, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween and All Soul's Day. In this poem, I try and capture the true spirit behind Halloween. This time of year was supposed to be a time where we honor and remember our dead. With a war going on over seas and much tribulation going on in the world, we need more sacred holidays that the whole world can get behind. Why do I say this? Because it is at the holidays where we are more closer to each other. There is another side that comes out of people -- the good side. Is this idealistic? Maybe. Just call me an optimist. I would rather focus on the good part of the human soul. However, saying this does not mean we should ignore the bad parts of our world. We need to be aware of it, but we should not put our focus on the bad parts. We are what we focus on.

So, let's make this Halloween a little bit different. Still do the parties, candies, and having fun, but add some time in there where you honor and remember someone you've lost or you can think of a way to honor the solders who have fought and died for freedom. Do something in there memory. Flowers by their grave. Give to a charity they liked or were apart of when they were alive. Get out the photo album and show your children about their grandparents. Tell them family stories. Help someone get through a recent loss. Do something for them and the person they lost. These are some ways you can honor and remember the dead. It's that easy.

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