Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update for the season of change

Hey everyone, I am still here and did not podfade ( or whatever term will be used tomorrow ). Last week was vacation for me. I used it to get caught up on what I needed to get done -- organize. I also wanted to post something earlier this week, but work has been busy and I had a few times, where my mind was still on vacation ( I'm sure you know what I mean ). I also did a lot of pondering on the shows I do here and on other websites.

There are some changes that I will be doing with these shows. There will be no more Podsafe Music Wednesday. The friday rest, relaxation and inspiration show will still be done. I will be using more of my digital recorder ( its easier to record content and post it here ). We ( podcasters ) have forgotten some things when it comes to podcasting ( keep checking back for that little article ). I will be posting on my other podcasts at a more regular basis. I do a couple of quote podcasts ( very short and inspirational they could give you ideas on new poems and other creative works ). All the links will be on this website. Also, I'll be putting up a new website that will have all my websites linked on it. That website is put it in your favorites and be updated on all I do. "Scifi poetry slam" and "poetry of the soul" will not be changing. You can hear a new show every friday.

The reason I am making these changes is that I'll be focusing on video more. So keep this URL in your favorites . You will hear poems and podsafe music to the backdrop of NH scenes. This will be on a regular basis so subscribe to the RSS feed and get every new show as I upload them. In Internet Explorer 7, its very easy to subscribe to any RSS feed. On your task bar at the top of the Internet Explorer 7 browser window, you will see a little house, next to it is a symbol, when it is orange click on it or the little arrow next to it and follow the easy steps to subscribe.

Looking for a wonderful 3rd year at podcasting,
as always, have fun and stay creative,

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