Saturday, December 02, 2006

Podsafe Music Friday #52

Podsafe Music Friday #52 for December 1, 2006

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This show was done using VLC Media Player and Audacity. I use VLC Media Player to listen or watch any audio and video file. Its a small program that works awesomely. VLC Media Player is not a big and bloated program like iTunes, quick time, or Windows Media Player. You should check it out here.

My poems in today's show are "Tourchwood", "The Shrine up North", "Spirit of Consciousness" , "Thank You", and "Twas the Night of Christmas Elves"

Promos in today's show are "Cloudy Day Art", "Speaking of Beer", and "Dancing Bear" a podiobooks podiobook.

Fugli singing "In the Bleak of Midwinter", "Patapan", and "Ghost of John" You can find more of his music on the Podsafe Music Network and his site at

Jonathan Coulton singing "Podsafe Christmas Song" and "Chiron Beta Prime" Check out his site for more of his great music.

If you liked any of the songs you heard in this episode of Podsafe Music Friday #52, go to the websites of the artist you heard in today's show and tell them thank you or better yet give a donation or buy some of their music.

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