Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some news and comentary for December 14, 2006

Some news and comentary for December 14, 2006
by Robert G Parent

Hey everyone, I have some news Will Brown of Cloudy Day Art interviewed me last week. He put up the show Sunday. I wanted to do this posting earlier this week but guess what, Yes, work got in the way. I've been working all week and haven't been able to get any posting done until now. One thing I have been able to do is to finish making my first CD. I just have to send it to Cafepress and they told me last time I talked to them on the phone that it takes about a week for the CD to be ready to sell on my Cafepress Store after they receive it in the mail. My biggest frustration was the CD art, not in coming up with the art, because I wanted to use one of photographs, but in formating the photo to fit on a CD. I haven't mailed it yet, but will either today before work or tomorrow before work.

One thing that I've noticed about podcasters ( Netcasters ) doing their shows is time. Time is a big factor when we are putting up our shows because many of us have full time jobs. But why do we do it. Well, I think we have something to share and want to be apart of the changes that are happening everyday. As I mentioned while talking with Will Brown, after all that is happening in the world is done, on the other side of the changes and conflects, we will have a completely different world. All the choices we make in this time, not just the big ones, like in Iraq (to pull out too soon, or to stay too long), but the small choices we each make, all these choices affect each choice. ( It makes since, ponder on it ). Getting back to why us podcasters ( netcasters ) do our shows dispite the time we put into doing the shows, we want to be apart of the changes coming into this world at this time. We see the possiblities and the potential of the people to change of coming out into a better world.

One other thing that I thought of after the interview is that I believe we are in the great tribulation ( a great change ) that is talked about in the bible. We are transitioning from the old models of doing or living to a new way of doing or living. But as I know from experience, change doesn't come easily. Sometimes its like standing on a rug in space and having that rug pulled out from under you. Everything that made you feel safe and connected to your world is changed and you cannot see clearly where you thought you were going. In this time, where we all are trying to get our barrings, find our place of where we are and where we are going, not just our actions, but our thoughts, our questions shape what we will become in the future after this great tribulation. So keep to the basics of compassion, love, and understanding of your fellow human being in making your choices and the world we will come to know after the great tribulation will be a good one. We are not only a human being but are a human becoming. Or as a favorite writer, JJ Dewey, says "Follow the highest you know."


PS, this week's show may be a late again. It should be ready on Saturday.

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