Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day Special

Saint Patrick's Day Special 2007
by Robert G Parent

Saint Patrick's Day Special

Hey everyone, I talk about my week without internet. I also read part 3, the final part, to the poetry experiment and another poem I wrote on a beautiful spring like day.
Enjoy this cool celtic music by the Brobdingnagian Bards
"Beer, Beer, Beer", "the Leprechaun", "Hobit, happy birthday song", "Breaking of the Fellowship"

and "Rattlin Bog" from Marc Gunn's Irish Country Folk Songs

In my new segment, "Let's Talk Poetry" I talk about doing research in poetry and I also read part 3 of "The Poetry Experiment"

Two other poems I read and talk about are "Geek Love" and "The Howling of a Wolf -- to Christine"

Some promos I played are "Cloudy Day Art", "Speaking of Beer", and a promo from "Nina Kimberly the Merceles"

Marc Gunn's Websites are and

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