Thursday, April 26, 2007

DC Poets Against the war

Creativity and World Peace
by Robert G Parent

Hey all, click the link above to see a great video by Will Brown of the "Cloudy Day Art" podcast. He put the video together awesomely. The music he choose, the people he talked to, the transitions, and the small little effects, like putting the interviewed person's name in the same frame, well done. As I know, there can be some problems in rendering and getting the size of the video right, but I expanded this to my full screen on my laptop and it came out great.

This is another example of our creative human spirits. If you see or hear something going on in your city, state, or local area get out and take a camera, audio recorder, or video recorder. Start a blog, put it up on You Tube, send it into your favorite blogger, podcaster, video blogger. Write a poem, song, or story. If you are looking for inspiration, go out your door, look around in your life, in your community and ask yourself "What do I feel?" or "What do I think?"

my views about the war

While my views are different about the war, I can see both sides. "The Cost of the War" and "The Promise of Democracy." We all have to come to this point, being freemen with the only authority we should have is in our own souls and being controled by an outward authority, who does not have our best interests in heart.

Now let me tell you about that statement. You see in it what you want to see. If you are against the war or want this country out of Iraq, you see the outward Authority as the Bush Administration. If you are for the war, you will see the outward authority as the terrerist or the leaders in the Anti-war movement. If you are in Irag, you will see either the outward authority as the US and her allies or maybe the religious leaders in their country. All sides use strong emotion to help you see their point. But the truth of this or any situation usually lays somewhere in the middle.

If the story of the war of Iraq were told by anti-war people, for the war people, someone living in Iraq, or a terrerist, each story would be different -- does that make them less true? Yes and No. Yes, because the story is based on emotion and their own perception of the facts. And No because all stories will have some facts. This is how peace happens by the process of learning the whole story and seeing all sides -- like an equaliteral triangle we treat all sides and all angles equal.

as always stay Creative in the Magix of life,
Robert G Parent

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