Saturday, July 21, 2007

TWS #66 for July 20, 2007

TWS #66 for July 20, 2007
Let's Party
by Robert G Parent

All the music and funny commercials in today's show is from the podsafe music network at
This show is 40 minutes.

aaron Performing "Build me Up"

Black Adam Performing "Monkey Symphony"

Future Daze Performing "Random Robotic Dancing"

ActionTekJackson and Theory 12 Performing "Dancing to the Rythm"

Bill Tustain Performing "I like the Night"

Smart Bomb Radio Perfoming "The RIAA will shoot your dog", "Mac Vs PC", and "Mac Vs Pc 2"

Poems in today's show are "Creation", "The Power of Words", "Ode to Blank", "Sunny Day", "Joy", and "The Circle"

Promos in today's show are "Cloudy Day Art", "Eternal Words", "Podcaster's Prayer", and "Power Ogg"

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