Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ideas for writing

Hey everyone here are some tips
that I came up with to help
you to come up with some cool
writing projects

Ideas for writing

1. writing a journal as if you live in a historic era

2. write a story about the journey food takes in the body

3. create a world and write a journal as if you're someone in that
world ( universe ).

4. How would you change an advertisment in today's media? Make your own advertisment

5. write your own fictional news story. Be as silly or serious as you want.

6. create your own monster and write instructions as to how you created it. Do the same for angels, aliens, gnomes, elves, or a different type of Earth being.

7. Create your own type of buildings. Be as outragious as you want. Then, write instructions as to how you created it.

8. Create your own planet, star, Universe and write instructions as to how you created them.

9. Take a picture and write a poem, story, lyric, or prose about it. The picture can be something you've taken or a picture that you do not know the story behind it.

10. Pick a small or one item ( Garbage can, desk, book, street, etc... ) and write a poem, article, story, lyric, or prose. Use free writing in this exercise. Free writing is just the flow of consciousness. You're just following where your thoughts go. Don't worry about editing. You can always edit after the piece is done.

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