Friday, May 30, 2008


I brought this out of the Dream world as I awoke this afternoon. I will be talking more about this poem in an upcoming podcast. If you like the poem, feel free to share it and leave your comments in the comments section to this post. The comments are moderated, so the blog isn't over run by spam. The only other request I have if you do want to share the poem with others is to include the link to this post, which is found by clicking or highlighting the title of this post. This is so others can also write their comments about Brotherhood on this post. I figure if everyone can read what others have to say about Brotherhood, we will see how alike we all are. Also, I will be making an audio recording of this poem to download and posting it on this post, so keep checking back if you want the audio, which you can play in your podcasts. Again, I only ask that you include the link to this post in your show notes so others can also share their comments on Brotherhood. One poem may not make a difference, but one people can.

Click here to listen to Brotherhood

by Robert G Parent

There is something deep
withing every human Soul
that radiates Light
greater then the Sun

Love and Respect
is what every life wants
in the greater scheme
its our greatest Hope

When we see as one,
Great Mystery we'll know.
When we work as one,
greater things we'll create.

There is only one Force
that flows through all life
it binds creation
to a greater light.

Everywhere the truth is found,
in every song, book, and movie,
its the one poem we all write
when we realize its truth.

The trees in the woods,
The rain on a Spring day,
The snow in Winter's night
reflections of the one truth.

That United we Stand,
and divided we die
to the greatest possibilities
that lay within all life.

If you want
true peace on Earth
and greater Understanding
to illuminate your very essence,

Look and see
the very truth
at the heart of all life,

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