Tuesday, May 06, 2008

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The 12 Steps
by Robert G Parent

Powerless over our ways
Lives become unmanageable
Believe in a power
Restore our sanity
A decision made
to turn it over to
Soul's Awareness
fearless, moral inventory
over ourselves and our world
Admitted to God's wholeness
The nature of our wrongs
We learn from
Our character's defects
Balence our shortcomings
With new and old successes
Make right with those we've harmed
And enter soul's wholeness
do no harm, to those around us
Search our souls
Admit when we're wrong
Prayer, Meditation, Soul's wholeness
Improve our conscious contact
And the knowledge
Of soul's wholeness
Brings oneness to all Creation
Through spiritual awakening
Carrying this message to others
As we practice these principles
in our lives
in our wholeness

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