Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness
by Robert G Parent

I want to talk about the times we live in now, everyone is saying recession, tough economic time, job market, housing markets, stock markets are down. All people see is the darkness that is out there. Well maybe not all people, there are those in the financial business that understand cycles. Who say, there is opportunity out there. I say they are right.

I'm out of a job currently and have been looking for one, for the past two weeks now. And you know, there are many jobs out there. There are companies still growing and need good people, which they have plenty to choose from. I've been interviewed for jobs in companies that lead to management ( Leadership ) positions. I've been thinking about leadership and management for some time now and didn't realize those types of jobs until now, until I was jobless at my percieved lowest place. I have a better chance to get into a better job, and it looks like that whatever is my next job. It will lead to leadership. There is light in the darkness. Or, maybe it's best said, when you shine a light on your darkness, your fears, and see what is really there, you also see opportunity.

You can be at the very bottom, at least from your point of view, in the metiphorical pit of darkness, and look around, shine a light on the darkness, you will see the opportunity out there. It can lead you out of the capitivity, the captivity of our fears, to a new land, a new place. Because its when you perceive yourself to be at your lowest that you can soar among the clouds. What it all boils down to is where do you want to put your attention, in the bucket of Crabs or soaring with the Eagles. The choice is always ours.

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