Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dance of Despair on TWS

Dance of Despair on TWS
by Robert G Parent

listen to Dance of Despair

Some thoughts after the poem. When I started writing this poem, I was in a very dark place. I was in despair. I was hopless. I just wanted everything to stop, but things don't stop. They continue. Its the one thing we can count on. Why? because as the great poem or prayer says...when there is despair, there is hope. This is the cycle of creation. This is the cycle of learning. We move from despair to hope everyday. This is one thing we can count on. When we are in despair, hope will be there soon. When we are hopeful, despair will come. The moment that makes the difference is now. Within our being the light always shines. So if the light always shines, all is good, if we can learn one lesson it is this. Though hope and despair, our light is always shining. In this truth, all knowledge is known and wisdom is seen or lived only in life's classroom.

so if your in a dark place, write out your feelings so they don't bottle up. Doing this will start to let healing into your being.

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