Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011
by Robert G Parent

A day off from work is what I needed at this point. Sometimes work can just be, well, work. I sit here listening to WGIR in the morning, my fan on me, while I type out these words and wonder about those people that need to have two or three jobs. You'd think that their stress level has to be high. That at any point they will crack, get a nervous break down, or ingest addictive substances. Do they see the day as something beautiful? The subtle changes of the seasons pass by us and teach us about life and how it is supposed to flow -- work, play, relaxation, sleep. We as humans need time to think and to ponder on what it is we see going on in life. As we ponder, we create new thoughts, which lead to new directions, which create new opportunities. All of our lives problems have solutions. We just need to slow down, ponder, and see the new direction and walk down a new path.

Sometimes I wonder if people know what life is really about. Where is our spiritual growth? In this country of the United States of America, we have freedom of religion and take our spiritual growth on many different paths but I wonder, when I hear news stories on TV...about the spirituality of Americans. This recession that we've been in for some time shouldn't have lasted as long as it does. People live too much in fear. Everyone is cutting but, in a recession we need to expand business because it is business that brings the money into our lives and into our government. It is true that we need to put government in its proper place and not expand it unless we expand business the same amount or more. It is truly and interesting time. I wonder where we will go from here.

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