Monday, August 13, 2012

to know thyself within

In the cool time of fall, change happens. The change is not all that we'd expect but, it is what it is needed to make us grow.

As the leaf shows its true color, what is in us shows true. What burns deep shows itself when the challenge is upon us.

For me is the creativity of creation. It is the fire that burns deep, the desire to experience the world in new ways, the change that inspires greatness.

I fly the clouds bridged by rainbows. I discover new places on Earth. My spirit flies as the Eagle. My soul's voice sings to me about how we're all connected in the Force, the lifeblood of the Universe.

In the cool time of fall, I begin to see my life's journey. How I was as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult, and as I am now.

Way back in the beginning of time, I was as a seed in the Universe's form. Life's energy fed me though life's experiences. I grew as a seedling to a mighty tree. I continue to become.

I continue to sail on the mighty sea, seeing what is underneath, probing the secrets that are unseen. I grow in power, wisdom, and the Universal Force of Love.

My life is recorded in more books that can be stored on Earth. By going to my Heaven in thought and meditation, I can access my books anytime, building on what I already know, creating and recreating myself and my world. In the cool time of fall, change happens.

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