Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What is the problem with politics

What is the problem with politics
by Robert G Parent

I know woman who are strong republicans, who can see through the deceit of the left leaning news, the democrats in congress, and the president. But why can't more people see though the deceit? Is it they have something to gain, they don't want to be wrong, not to say egos have anything to do with politics. And as for being emotional, I've seen many men on both sides really emotional and many females on both sides really mental.  But the problem is not emotions, that is just energy we need to help us do things.  If people put their emotions and minds on a wrong premise then that is what is wrong, not the emotion or mental.  I believe that is what is meant to building a house on solid ground.  So the question then becomes how best can we educate and help that person listen to their own soul for guidance?

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