Friday, May 10, 2013

It's OK to be Critical

It's OK to be Critical
by Robert G Parent

I love critical.  It's the Tech TV thing.  I don't have the latest and greatest ( its a money thing ) but when I buy something I want it to do what I want.  Don't know if that made sense.  But I love critical.  I don't think businesses should get a free ride if something's not that good.  If I made a product, I'd want it to work for people and how can I do that if people like a product just to like it.

Imagine if we were that critical about our government.  A government that's not about party but people.  Maybe if people were that critical in the past we'd not have had ObamaCare.  Maybe we'd have something that actual worked.  Let us be critical, not an emo.  It's all about respect.

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