Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I miss the old HGTV

I miss the old HGTV
by Robert G Parent

I am sitting here, drinking a nice mug of hot coffee on this cold Winter's day, watching the non-commercial  Rose Parade on HGTV -- it's great.  I miss some of the programming that used to be on HGTV like gardening shows, woodworking shows, and yes crafting shows.  I used to watch it all the time, now I don't because I'm not interested in real estate.  Why can't HGTV have a miss of different programming like the gardening shows, woodworking shows, crafting shows, and some of the more popular real estate shows.  They could even add some other types of programs that show other types of crafts, like model making and scrap booking.  Anyway, it is their channel and they can do with it as they will, even if it means sacrificing all that could be for a small piece of the broadcasting puzzle.  Time changes and the amount of cable stations also continue to grow.  The regular networks could not adapt and we see what has happened to them.  I hope you all who read this blog will have a great new year filled with lots of profits.  As the Vulcan's say, "Live Long and Prosper."  Thank You.

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