Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Summons of Konami, and my opinion of them

The Summons of Konami, and my opinion of them
by Robert G Parent

Konami has created many ways to summon a monster in their card game Yugioh as you can see in this link .
Now I like the many summoning types, some I had a problem with, and some types of summoning were disappointing.

I'll start with the Fusion Summons that were the most disappointing, IMO. In a Fusion summon, you needed to fuse two or more monsters to create the fusion monster. What made this summons disappointing is that it was hard to collect all the monsters you need to make a fusion summons. Also you needed a polymerization card which was equally hard to get. Fusions started to get better with the Elemental Heroes and contact fusion, but I think that it was too late.

Ritual monsters was a great hope but again you still needed to collect the pieces, still difficult but possible. What made this summoning disappointing is the lack of popularity with it.

Synchro summons were better because Konami made it easier to get syncho monsters and tuners.  Then duelist could focus more on strategy. That had opened up the game to more possibilities which is what makes the game great.

XYZ summons picked up where synchro summons left off and again duelist could focus on the possibilities and strategies.

Now the next summon is the Pendulum Summon.  They have not released more information about this new summons. I'll still be looking for the information. But if I may speculate, or hope, I think that the Pendulum Summons will be similar to the ritual summons in that you will need a type of card to unlock added abilities.  This is similar to the Gemini monsters where if you pay an additional summons more abilities of that card are released.  So, I look with anticipation at finding out more about Pendulum Summon and learning to use this new summon.

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