Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making Peace with Summer

July 18, 2014. Making peace with Summer by Robert G Parent.

A lot has been happening in my life and with that I have little in my money account. I have the usual types of bills rent, cable, and cell phone. The rent I pay per paycheck. The cable (broadband) and cell phone, I pay in alternative weeks. Everything else that I need or want is paid in between the three including my college classes or class. I can only take one course per semester because I chose to pay cash for my college course. I do have only one course left to get my associates in interior design, which is in the spring semester of 2015. This fall I'm taking an accounting business class. I do want to take more business classes because my instructor last year said it would be good to have a bachelors in business. I don't know if I will go for my bachelors. For right now, I'm just taking business classes and hope I can transfer them into a bachelors of business at some later date.

I wish that I would have graduated high school and gone to college after high school. I might have been more further along in my career by now. Though, I would have had a different life. Would it have been better? I don't know. It's like one day my life just happened as if going on a Sunday drive through the mountains. Why the mountains? I don't know I just like the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

As for my job, what can I say but only it gives me enough money to live on, well kind of, okay, it's more than I was getting at my last three jobs put together. I also get to drive, to drive and think, to ponder on my path. Maybe if I start saving (coming up with a plan to save) I can build a buffer in my money account and that buffer alone would help me have a little less stress, a little less anxiety. Summer is about doing. So, I guess, this is me making peace with Summer.

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