Thursday, July 13, 2017

Still I Wait

Written May 7, 2017 a late Sunday night before the week's beginning.

Still I Wait by Robert G Parent

I sit here in the middle of my half organized living room, the copier runs to the rhythm of poetry playing on my cell phone.

Late at night coffee, tea, and lemonade, I try to stay up and do the work that's needed.  My emotions and thoughts dance their strange dance on paper.

All the stuff I don't use, the papers I don't read, and those old bills that pile up.  My dream, a designed apartment and work as an Interior Designer and writer wait for that empty space to be.

Independent Consultant's Book, Small business book, stories about entrepreneurs fill my consciousness of a past time gave birth to a dream, a dream that's not yet realized.

I ask the full moon, the wind that blows, and my unseen ancestors that fill this space of life's view-master, what am I doing right?  I still wait for my answer, my purpose.

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