Saturday, November 27, 2004

May Your light shine
from Robert G. Parent
to all of you

Becoming November 27, 2004

-- Christmas facts from the Christmas Encyclopedia web site

-- What is winter Solstice and the celebrations that go with them thanks to the web site

-- My poetry: Any which way, The Wisdom of Winter, Caught in between, Snowfall

Many people celebrate this time of year. There is more celebrations this month alone then any other month in the year. In the northern part of this Earth, this is the darkest day or the shortest day of the year, and a lot of celebrations celebrate with lights and candles. It is like we have been trying to remember the light. I've taken this to a next step and have used the symbols of the season to understand the light that is within us. It doesn't matter what religious beliefs that you or your neighbor have. All that counts is the light that is within you and your neighbor. The physical passes on and changes as the leaf through the seasons. In spring, it's a bud. Maturity comes in the summer. Autumn's colors shows the wisdom of age. In winter is the return to the source where both nourish each other. So in this season, instead of saying your usually greetings say “may your light shine”.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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