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The Write Stuff March 12 2005

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The Write Stuff March 12 2005

I finanally received my ebook reader from this past wed. March 9 2005, so you'll hear my review. I also have some thoughts on doing reviews on audio shows. Instead of a "live from the poet's mind," I have a sound seeing tour of the past blizzard that we had on Thursday in this area and a sound seeing tour after the blizzard. And of course, I have more of my poetry.

Pictures of the ebook reader

Poet's Notebook

A poet's notebook or for that matter a writer's notebook is a place where they can jot down phrases, quotes, images, character ideas to be used later. Some call it a seed book. When a poet or writer doesn't know what to write, they can go into their notebook and grab some words and paint a poem, a story, or use it in something that they are working on.

A Phrase: Boing..

A Quote: "We need no sticking transmitters." the Adam Curry show.

An Image: Boing.

Here is a song from Lester Hirch. I have only one CD of his and would like to get more but I have not been able to find them. I need your help. Either leave me a comment or email the address below. I like to thank CC Chapman for all he's doing in try to find more of music by Lester Hirch. You can find CC's show at . Glad your feeling better CC.

If you want to advertise your poetry or writing, send an email or short audio clip to with your site URL and/or your books that you want to promote.

If you have a product that is related to writing and want me to review it, send your information to

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