Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Write Stuff March 22 2005

28 minute show. best show to date

The Write Stuff March 22 2005

In todays episode, I will talk more about "the Ebook" from http://www.filamentbooks.com . The service from filament books have been great. My Ebook's been up and running. I've been taking it with me everywhere I go. I find that I've been reading more. I still listen to podcast. I am currently subscribed to 100 feeds. I still check the many directories to find more podcast and I still listen to my audiobooks from audible.com.

There are some cool things that I am doing with the Ebook. I needed a way to use it as a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant -- palm like). You'll hear what I've done to use it that way. I'll mention also where I want the ebook to go. My future hopes for the device.

More of my poetry.
Some music from "Shall We Dance" by Beth Quist at Magnatune.com

Poet's Notebook

A poet's notebook or for that matter a writer's notebook is a place where they can jot down phrases, quotes, images, character ideas to be used later. Some call it a seed book. When a poet or writer doesn't know what to write, they can go into their notebook and grab some words and paint a poem, a story, or use it in something that they are working on.

A Phrase: The Soul light in her eyes...

A Quote: "Though I, at times, walk alone My angel is there with me and, We walk together on this Earth To share and to teach." -- by Robert G. Parent from "a Soul's Journey Continues"

An Image: I walk down the street to meet that one within.

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bob - the poems are Wonderful-thanks for everything, including helping me to the surface, today .... susan