Sunday, May 21, 2006

Car Thoughts: The first ones

Car Thoughts: The first one
by Robert Parent

Hey everyone, this audio wasn't what I had planned to start off this
new segment. But I was inspired by the Movie "The DaVinnci Code". I
have been carring around my new digital voice recorder (It's an
Olympus VN-960PC), so much better than any iRiver IMO, and I can
connect it to my laptop and easily transfer the wav files it makes and
I can record (when it is on High quality) up to 5 hours, 16 hours in
lower quality. Sorry for geeking out on my new toy, but it is this
toy that will make it possible to record my thoughts in the car. When
I drive, I not only listen to podcasts but I also think and ponder on
life and what is going on in my brain at the time. I have many "Car
Thoughts" already done and will be posting them up to the site.
Hopfully this will help us look at the events, thoughts and feelings
that are in our lives, maybe we could even get a good discussion going
and create many stories, songs, art, and poems. Now back to this
first car thought. After I had watched the movie, the thoughts just
started flowing out of me and lucky I had my Olympus digital voice
recorder with me to listen in to my thought process.

The intro and outro is from a song on the Podsafe Music Network entitled
"Rockin' On the Airwaves" by Andy Martin his podsafe music page is at

Andy Martin

His web site is at this link Andy Martin

Duration:21 minutes, 38 seconds

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