Thursday, May 18, 2006

TWS Podsafe Music Wednesday #22

The Write Stuff for May 18, 2006
by Robert G Parent

Podsafe Music Wednesday #22
No promos in todays show. Just Music to cruise by, or be inspired by.Intro music is from Andy Martin

The music is from the Podsafe Music Network.

"Rockin on the Airwaves" from the Podsafe Music Network. With songs by, Critical Mass singing "Here comes the Summer"and Brother Love singing "Summertime" and Comeg singing "Summer Rain"and Sudden Death singing "Welcome Back, Doctor" and singing "Days of Summer"and Darkhorse singing "Summer Dreaming" and Sunspot singing "Summer Day"and Incidental Fusion singing "Summertime Bliss" and The Hypertonics singing "ASummer's Revolution"and The New Autonomous Folksingers singing "Pitcher of Beer"and Butn Pushn Teknohedz singing "City Beats" and Jeremy Gimbel singing "Retribution"and Happy Rhodes singing "Summer"

Some Podcast I listen to:

Cloudy Day Art

Dragon Page


Morevi by Tee Morris

I should Be Writing

the Eric Rice show

Mysteryious Universe

Theater of the Mind

Children of the Gods

JJ Dewey

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Sunspot_Mike said...

Thanks for playing Sunspot on the podcast, we really appreciate it and hope to see you at a show when we make it out!