Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 review continuing

Internet Explorer 7 review continuing
by Robert G Parent

I have more in my review on IE 7.

IE 7 changes the mp3's it downloads to your computer. It takes the title of the post and renames the mp3 to the title of the post. This can be good for some files where the title of the files are a weird long stream of numbers and letters.

And it changes the file format to a format that windows can read. For example, one of the "CommandN" feeds is in the xvid avi file format. IE 7 changes it to a regular avi file. I also have a feed where the content is in .mov files. IE 7 changes the file to an mpeg file that the Windows Media player can play.

IE 7 downloads the podcasts into the temporary internet files and no easy way to access the files. They do have a view files button when you click on "view feed properties" , but you need to open IE everytime and the "view files" button doesn't work all the time. But what I did, I clicked on "view files", a window pops up marked "Enclosure". I went up one level up, right clicked on the folder and made a shortcut to my desktop. The IE team should make that process a little easier.

The folders that the audio or video files are in can also be named differently ( like with the titles of the feed ) what the folders are titled now is with a long string of numbers and letters.
Also, when you delete these folders it seems that IE 7 will download the files again. I don't know if this happens all the time, but I've had two feeds that this happened too.

I still love IE 7. It's cool and different looking. I get to keep an eye on when my feeds update in real time. I can easily save my feeds in an opml file. I run IE 7 with my shields up ( security on high ) It's cool.


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