Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Inspirational Thought

Inspirational Thought
by Robert G Parent

Hey everyone, just a text post, sometimes its just easier to type a post then to record one. This is something you will see more of me do. I hope to get a conversation going, at least when my tubes don't get tangled.

If you are having trouble getting the words out, try using a quote ( favorite or not, popular or not). The internet, books, netcasts are filled with quotes. I do two quote netcasts one at and . Use your favorite search engine and put "Quotes" or "Famous Quotes" in the search window. Go to a book on your book shelf or at a bookseller. Writers use quotes in their books. A good place to get quotes is in those success type of books.

Once you get a quote. Ponder ( meditate ) on it. What this will do is get your mind thinking in a direction, sometimes in a new direction. Start writing. Put the quote at the top of the page ( where you can see it ) and start writing. You will see some results. Don't try and force ( you can always edit later ), just follow the flow of your thoughts and see where they will go.

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