Friday, November 10, 2006

Podsafe Music Friday #48

Podsafe Music Friday #48
November 10, 2006

Click here to download today's Show This show is 27 minutes long.

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My poems in today's show are "The Shrine Up North", "Moment of Life", and "The Crow"

XBloome singing "Dance of Elements", "Pressure of Time", and "Time Crisis"

Promos in today's show are "Theater of the Mind Podcast", "The Manly Geek Show", and "Failed Cities Monologues" a podiobook from

I don't have a current word count for my epic poem. I'm stuck in an area of the story, even though I have notes of where I want the story to go next. I realize, though, what I feel I need to do. My epic poem is very much a milieu type of story. So, I'm buying a writing book that goes into creating universes. Mir talked about one on her netcast -- "I should be writing".

Some more updates. I still have not had a chance to put some more video shows together. I hope to be doing this next week in whatever freetime I can manage. Also, I did write the full moon poem, but have not had time to transcribe it yet.

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