Saturday, November 18, 2006

Podsafe Music Friday #49

Podsafe Music Friday #49 for November 17, 2006

Click here to Download the show This show is 28 minutes. Sorry for the late show.

This show is a result of the midterm elections. Not because the Republicans lost both house and Democrates won them, but I get the feeling that people lost the spirit of independence. Last election, there were more indepedent candidates. This election it was split between the two political parties. My wish for a presidential candidate is a successful business person running as an independent and to see more indepedent candidates on the ballot. Is that to much to ask?

My poems in today's show are "Loss of Indepedence", "Wendy's Parking Lot", "Toilet Paper", and "Scopio Full Moon November 2006"

David Janes singing "Everything Takes Time", "Invisible", and "Beautiful" These songs are also apart of Sonic Deli's "Brown Bag Lunch" Check out the websites for more information

Promos in today's show are "Cloudy Day Art", "I should be Writing", and "Nina Kimberly the Merciless" a podiobook from

Stay tuned for Thursday's Thanksgiving Show that starts the Christmas Season.
There will be a show next Friday as well.

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