Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Eragon" Review by Robert G Parent

"Eragon" Review
by Robert G Parent

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This is 6 minutes long.

I just got out of the movie "Eragon" and had to write my first impressions. "Awesome". Coming out of the movie, I felt like I did after watching "Star Wars: A New Hope." "Eragon" stirred up something within me. I think the word is "Purpose". One boy and his dragon with the right doses of bravery, courage, and heart.

I think they did justice to the books . Well, at least the first one. I hadn't read the other books in the series but will be now, as I wait eagerly for the other "Eragon" movies. Yes, I'm sure there will be and I hope for maybe three movies ( Series movies usually come in three ). You can buy the books at Audible, Amazon, and other fine booksellers.

"Eragon" is truly an epic story like "The Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars". If you watched "Eragon" already, you know. If you haven't watched it yet, well what are you waiting for? The movie is visually stunning. The flights of the Dragon, Rider and all, were just a feast for the eyes and spirit. I could almost feel the wind, as they flew over the Earth. The battle scenes up to and including the final, epic battle were awesomely done. The scenes leading up to the epic battle were filled with courage, purpose, and heart. Awesome movie and did I say I'm waiting for the next one.

Yes. And what makes me think there will be a next one? Three reasons. One. The producers, actors, and the rest managed to teleport me into the movie ( You know the feeling ). Two. The theater was full and I had to wait in a good size line to get a ticket. Three. The total US Gross of $40,196,000 ( Provided by Movie Web ), The audience and money are there.

One last comment I'd like to make. I usually stay and watch the credits but this time I stayed not just for the credits but for the music. I wanted to hear the song play. This is one soundtrack I will be buying.

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Anonymous said...

I really cannot see how after reading the book and watching the movie you can honestly say that the book was done justice. The movie was piss poor and that is being diplomatic. Yes you cannot fit the whole book into a movie and their must be alterations to the plot. However that does not mean that the movie has to suck which it did. Most of the characters did not do justice to what is in the book save brom and eragon to a limited extent. Angela totally sucked Joss Stone should stick to singing. The Robert Carlyle who played the Shade Durza came closest to what was in the book.

Robert said...

Its been awhile that I listened to the book.

Well, I agree that some scenes like the rescue scene, where he rescued the princess happened too fast and in the book it seemed like it took longer to get to that point. Brom and Eragon (I assume Brom was Eragon's teacher) relationship (character development) took longer in the book then the movie but movies are usually shorter, or more condensed.

Movies are visual. When I go to a movie, I judge a movie by the experience I recieve. The flights of the dragon, the final battle scene I think they probably took a long time to create, and I think well done.

Maybe if the movie were a little longer and would have been Rated PG-13 instead of PG. It would have been closer to the book.

But saying the movie sucked is just to harsh and not fair for the work that was done.

I'm sure they will make movies out of the other books in the Inheritance Trilogy and do it better then this first movie with what they learned from this first movie.

One more think to remember, the audiobook is 16 hours unabridged.