Saturday, January 27, 2007

Podsafe Music #61

Podsafe Music Friday #61
January 26, 2007

Click here to listen to the show This show is 29 minutes.

Podsafe Music Network

Bluesmen Get Hungry Playing "Electric Blues", "Podigy", and "The West Coast Cat"

The City Remix with my poems "Tired ( The City )", "The City Continued", and "The New City" on the bed music of Joe Little "Dark City" which you can buy on his artist page on the Podsafe Music Network or go over to his site at

Other Poems you heard in today's show are "Zion" and "Time Before Winter"

Promos in today's show are "Cloudy Day Art" and "Pirates-of-Sufiro" a podiobook from

1 comment:

Joe Little said...


Many thanks for using "Dark City". I many a time imagined this to be the backdrop to a cityscape and I'm impressed with your application. Good luck with your show and your poems.