Thursday, February 01, 2007

Poetry Experiment Febuary 1, 2007

Poetry Experiment Febuary 1, 2007
by Robert G Parent

Click here to download the show This show is 35 minutes.

Hey everyone, I'm doing something different. This is an experiment in poetry that others have tried Will Brown of "Cloudy Day Art" , Simon Toon of "Slam Idol Podcast" , and similar to what the Thom "The Poet Guru" are doing.

I recorded a poem on my Olympus Digital Recorder last night the 31st of January with the inspiration of the full moon and the night time. That is the first step on how I write a poem with the Olympus Digital Recorder. What I will do next is to transcribe it. Then I will play with it and mould it into a poem. Each stage I do to turn this piece into a poem, I will do a journal post on it until it is complete. So stay tuned for this Experiment in Poetry.

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