Friday, March 30, 2007

Doctor Who

Hey all here is some Doctor Who while you're waiting for the next show, which I hope to be done this weekend.  Since I expanded the time for the show I will only be doing about two a month as not to overwhelm you or me.   I am doing this so I can go over and partisipate in the APP forems ( more often )  at poetry podcasting dot net, or just click on the APP logo on this website.  

I also watched the movie "300" -- Awesome movie.  The way the movie was done reminded me of an epic poem.  I will record the review for "300" this weekend as well.  It will be posted in a separate post.  

This video was sent to me and I love it.  It is another great example of creativity.  
You could call this a video mashup or a music video.  As I said that, I got an awesome idea, have all you poets out their thought about doing a poetry music video?  or how about this, partnering up with an artist on the Podsafe Music Network to create a video project, it would be great for you and the artist in getting your work out.  April is poetry month. How about doing something different for this month.  

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