Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Commitment 2008 WMUR Channel 9

Commitment 2008 WMUR Channel 9


Hey everyone, bringing you some news here. A local TV station here in New Hampshire put on debates for the 2008 candidates. They also had a bunch of bloggers that blogged this event when it happened (3 Democrat, 2 republican, and 2 independent). You can find what the bloggers talked about at http://wmur.gather.com. Also, The link above also has some videos of the Democrates debate.

The Republicans will debate today at 7 PM ET. Here is a quote from the WMUR commitment 2008 website.
"The top 10 contenders on the Republican ticket will debate at 7 p.m. ET Tuesday at St. Anselm College." The link for this quote is at

You may also want to check out their Gather page at the time of the debate for live blogging coverage. If I don't get called in to work I'll be watching with my laptop up.

It is good that we can document what all the Candidates say and see how they change (or if they change) what they say in each state and througout the elections. It may also be a good idea to have somewhere on the web a history of what each candidate says, in each state, in each town meeting. It is the age of communication. We have the tools to do this. Leave a comment in the comment section, email me at BobatWTWSonlinedotcom, or call the comment line at 6035132411.

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