Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Republican NH Debate 2008

Hey all, The debate just started at 7 Pm. They are going over the rules and are now in the introductions. This is a first time for me. I haven't done live blogging.

The first question is about the war. The first question is "Was it a mistake to invade Iraq knowing everything we know now?" Brownback says he has a plan and talked about separating Iraq into three states. I have to ponder that one more often.

McCain has made some good points and rebutted senator Clinton and drew a parallel to Korosvo and Bosnia. Which received applause in the audience.

Check out http://wmur.gather.com/
and http://www.wmur.com/politics/13440586/detail.html

Again, Sen. Brownback is coming up with some creative options and ideas.

Creativity in politics is what we should be thinking now.

All the Republicans seem so far that the middle east is a nuclear threat.

it's 7:22 pm

Mit Romney says countries are testing the United States. He also talks about a coming up with a vision.

7:24 pm

consequences if immagration reform bill passes, Sen Tom Tancredo got appaulse from the audience and had a bunch of great ideas.

Hey I don't know if I am doing a good job here but I'm trying.

7:28 pm

I had no idea of who is Sen. Brownback, but he's been making some good ideas and statements.

One thing that I see as good at this debate is that there is a lot of creative solutions coming out. I think that debates are supposed to do this. My questions would be How would you choose a leader to impliment these and other solutions.

7:39 pm

We are having a thunder and lighting storm and that is effecting the sound a little at the debates at saint Alsames college

7:40 pm

they are talking about abortion now.

7:42 pm

they put a question about if the candidates believe in creation or evelution.

I don't think they should have asked that question. What does that have to do with politics?

They were on a good flow of coming up with creative soltions and discussion.
What is up with this debate between faith and science?

Mit Romney is a Morman?

ah I get it. It's about church and state.

by not having schools teach about other religious beliefs, will we have more wars about the different beliefs? What about understand each other?

7:49 pm

global warming

John McCain is right about nuclear power.
Mit Romney is also passionite about this issue and talked about big oil.
there were good ideas being discussed.

7:55 pm

Gays in the Military

all candidates would not change any policses in the military

8:00 pm

Pres. Bush Role after election
Not sure why they would ask this question.
but there are some interesting answers.
I think Pres. Bush should be involved in education.

8:03 pm

GOP Problems

8:06 pm
would they pardon Libby?

8:07 pm

Part 2

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