Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lessons I learn by Robert G Parent

Lessons I learn
by Robert G Parent

Hey all, I wanted to put up a music poetry show for my third anniversary of this online journey I started on July 4th, 2004. But I don't have time to get the show up by tomorrow. However, the next show will be the anniversary show.

It looks like I'm going to celebrate my 3rd anniversary by movies. I have three movie reviews that looking back make a story. So, I'm posting them in the order that I watched them with the Transformers movie last because I just came from it. I waited awhile for the movie and it was worth the wait. Can I just say awesome!

Some thoughts about this anniversary and why I started this journey that I have come to now call “the exploration of Creativity”. Writing for me has always been a learning experience. I learning experience of what lays around the corner, of what is on the other side of the blackness you see when you look up in the night sky, and of what mysteries the soul has to share. I have said that the only being that can teach you about poetry is poetry and that is true but it is also true about the creative force that is within all life -- in our art, music, stories, poems, buildings, machines, programs, and anything else in which we express ourselves.

I had not known where this journey would take me ( I still don't know ) but that doesn't matter because life is in the journey not the destination an old saying with much truth in it. And another jewel I came to discover on this journey. I don't know where the journey will go but I know one thing the roller coaster ride is not over and the exploration of Creativity has still more to teach me. Thank you all for joining me in the ride Let's see where it will lead us.

Stay Creative
in the Magic of Life,
Robert G Parent

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